the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rock, Part 2 - Like An Egg

Something has changed since I first started digging out The Rock - mosquitos.  The manure-enriched weeds around My Precious harbor hoards of the hungry suckers, and digging requires a blood sacrifice.  I'm not that generous with my vital juices, so I haven't made much progress.  But I discovered one important thing - The Rock is not like an iceberg, with most of its mass still lurking below the surface.  It's round like an egg, and I've uncovered the curve that proves it:

The shovel isn't stuck in the dirt at all, that front section has all been cleared of dirt.  A flat rock would have been nice, but I'll take round over the monolith that could have been there.

Oh!  But on the other hand, if it had been a monolith, and it started emiting a high-pitched whine, I'd REALLY be onto something epic!  But then the government would get involved and you know what happened to Elliot and ET when the government stepped in, so I'm better off with my simple granite egg.  No one's taking my rock from me.

(Above paragraph for me and the sci-fi geeks only.)

Weather reports promise cooler days the rest of the week.  More digging ahead soon, I hope!

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