the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Waking Up From A Long Winter's Nap

So I've skipped some time here.  Let's call it seasonal affective disorder - those short, dark days take their toll.  But that's over, and here's what I've missed -

April 8th was Fritz's 31st birthday.  Way to go, Fritzy!  Unfortunately at this time of year his winter coat is starting to shed out and he looks pretty mangy.  But for the record, here he is today, playing Wild Horse on the Range, standing in mud and drinking from puddles.  Because trudging back to the clean water in the barn would just be too much trouble.

That scruffy coat gets brushed out every day, most efficiently with the shedding blade, littering the stall floor with crescents of horse hair.  If he looks muddy in that close up, that's because he is.  All that loose hair is itchy, and he rolls every day.  I'm just glad he can get up and down easily, and flip himself over.  He can get as muddy as he wants.

And on a smaller scale, you might remember our little cat Harley who likes to kill inanimate objects.  She finally found the ultimate prey at my granddaughter's second birthday party:

Think you're tough, T-Rex? 

You're going down!

Guarding her kill: