the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Putting Up Hay

We've got a small operation, as farms go - no crops, just a few animals.  So putting up hay for the horses for winter means taking my horse trailer out to Farmer Bob's REAL farm, and loading up bales of (mostly) second cutting hay.  I make three trips and get about 80 bales each time, 70 in the 4-horse stock trailer, and 10 more in the pickup bed. 

The horses LOVE seeing that trailer back into their barn with a full load of hay.  They have free access to their stalls at all times, so they crowd in there and watch the whole unloading procedure.  Fritz nickers about it, sort of a continual "Give me some.  Come on, just a little," even though he can't chew it well with the few teeth he has left, and he'll mostly get hay cubes soaked in water - like eating hay mush.  But he's still operating on memory, and he's always talked about his food.  I recorded a bit of it, while Remi was crowded into his stall with his good buddy Fritz:

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