the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Coolest Gift Ever!

I told you all in the previous blog what I wouldn't get for my anniversary,  so I have to tell you what I did get, and I just hope I can convey how incredibly cool this gift was!

It relates to my novels - big points for hubby right there for understanding how much they mean to me.  And I have to explain the context because the gift relates to novels that aren't out yet - SILVER SPARKS, to be released Nov. 30th, and the sequel, possibly titled GOLD FIRE, that even my editor hasn't seen yet.  But my husband is my first beta reader and my number one fan, and he obviously pays close attention. 

The first book opens at a swanky ski resort, the Alpine Sky, in the fictional Rocky Mountain town of Barringer's Pass, Colorado, and the resort plays a large part in the plot.  In the sequel, the resort is trying to buy out an old honky tonk, the Rusty Wire Saloon, in order to build a golf course.  The eager owner even has a clothing line ready to go, and a dark blue polo shirt bearing the resort's double-mountain logo has a minor appearance in the story.  At the Rusty Wire, the wait staff is in casual dress - white T-shirts and jeans. 

All fictitious places, but very real to me.

So this is what my sweetheart of a husband had made for me:

He even got the Alpine Sky logo right, exactly as I imagined it. And if I'd described the white T-shirts at the Rusty Wire, they would have looked exactly like the ones he had made!  He gave me 4 different styles and sizes to be sure one of them fit.  So I think when the books are released, I have the perfect prizes for a contest on my web site.  I may even have more made up - I love these shirts!  Love the man who gave them to me, too!


  1. He gets huge points for this! How awesome! The shirts look great. Not to mention a great teaser for those of us who are waiting for the new books!

  2. What a great idea - these look amazing! You've definitely got a keeper there (as evidenced by the anniversary) :P Happy belated Anniversary to you both!

  3. What a guy (Randy said that, not me!!!) Jim has now set the bar high for the rest of the hubbies out there! Congrats!