the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Tradition I Could Do Without

It wouldn't be February without our annual vet call for an abscess under the hoof.  Different horse each time, and two weeks earlier than last year, but the same problem for the third year in a row.  Dr. Ryker couldn't find the abscess, but he agreed with me that it's probably the reason Remi is hobbling on three legs and holding the fourth like a ballet dancer about to go en pointe.  It's the most common problem equine vets see.

Remi is confined to his stall with his foot wrapped up in the poultice that will hopefully soften the hoof and let the abscess drain.  We'll see how it's doing in three days.

By the way, Remi is a "barn" name, short for B.A. Reminiscence.  Sounds more like the CEO of some company to me.  You know, good ol' B.A., the president of Reminiscence Sprockets and Gears.

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