the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Should I Kill, and Does He Wear Medium or Large?

I came out of my writing-coma long enough today to do some Christmas shopping.  I was only partially successful - it's hard to dispel the voices in my head.  They keep having conversations as I'm browsing the clothing department, trying out new plot directions.  While I'm running down my gift list they nudge me and whisper, "What if you gave the hero a dog?" 

But most distracting of all, they experiment with the climactic ending.  This is my own fault - I wrote my whole synopsis, except for the very end of the book.  Then I went shopping.  Stupid move!  I've set up several characters to be the ultimate bad guy, and now that it's time to reveal him, I'm not sure who it is, and how I will dispose of him.  I can pretend to take a break, but my mind won't let go of this problem.

So next time you're standing in Target selecting new pj's and the person next to you is staring at the racks, lost in thought, it might not be indecision over what size to choose.  She could be thinking about how to kill someone.

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