the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sexy! Suspenseful! A guaranteed good time!

A break in routine today - I have to review cover copy sent by my editor for SILVER SPARKS, my next book.  That includes the back cover blurb written by the marketing people, the author bio inside the back cover, and quotes chosen for inside the front of the book - you know, those lines lifted from book reviews that make me sound like the most brilliant romance author ever.  Snappy, sparkling, sexy, clever story lines...gosh, I'm blushing. 

I don't think it has a parallel in any other profession.  It would be like my engineer husband soliciting quotes throughout the auto industry on the wonderful work he's done in the past (His spec changes on sensors are inventive and fun!  His release reports are riveting!) then submitting them to the client along with his new designs.  I don't see it happening.

However, it would make for an interesting program meeting...

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