the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Horse + Dog + Fence = Repair Bill

We had an unexpected fence repair today.  Yesterday I woke up to Nikita's excited barking and looked outside to see...absolutely nothing.  Fritz was dozing, while Code Red and Remi sniffed curiously at something on the ground.  "Something" turned out to be about 50 feet of wire field fencing that had been pulled loose from the board fence where it runs along the back yard.  Two other clues:  Code Red was missing a front shoe, and his side was plastered top to bottom with mud.  Whatever happened obviously involved a hoof getting hooked on the fence, and Code Red going down in the mud.  It wasn't traumatic, because the horses merely looked puzzled.  If they'd been scared they would have been a hundred feet away, nostrils flared as they snorted at the monster that had attacked them.  But, no matter - it involved a horse going down, and if you're a Siberian husky, not far removed from your wolf ancestors, a downed animal is a your BIG OPPORTUNITY.  Nikita was so delirious over her impending kill she didn't even notice that the wire fence keeping her out of the pasture was gone.  I never said she was smart.

So today the fence guys came to do repairs, also replacing boards that were starting to rot.  The fence is 15 years old, and the boards are oak, painted with an equine fence paint, which is quite thick, a lot like creasote.  Not fun to apply, but it looks like I'll be doing some soon. 

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