the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Monday, January 10, 2011


It's obvious from my lack of posts that we've hit a stretch of dull days.  Nothing happening in the barn or pasture.  Animals just stand around, waiting for spring.  That's good news for my writing, as I have no excuse not to sit my butt at the computer every day and pound out a few pages.  And I have help!

Cats know how to get attention, and they aren't shy about it.  This afternoon I had "help" with my writing from TC.  He wasn't the first cat on my desk today, or the last, but he was the most regal.

I've referred to TC before as "the Cat In Charge."  He was a stray who came to us as a full-grown Tom Cat - and was quickly snipped down to TC.  He has his own fan club, much larger than mine; several of our friends have called him the "coolest cat ever."  It's all in the attitude.  TC knows he's handsome, knows we are his servants, and knows rules are for everyone else.  He's broken every rule and doesn't give a damn.  We love him to death.  He's the perfect role model for my fictional alpha hero.

Someday in the future, if you're reading one of my books with a handsome hero named Jase who's laid-back and easy-going, with a rock-solid core of loyalty and determination, think TC.  He was there to make sure I got it all down right.


  1. He looks sultry. I can see how he would be inspiration for a romantic hero. :)

  2. And the end of his pink nose is a perfect heart. Cats are the perfect muse!