the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Winter has come gradually this year, with no sudden blast of snow and arctic cold.  But it's finally here.  This morning we were in the early stages of a winter storm, with a couple inches on the ground and temperatures barely at freezing, so the horses still ate outside.  Code Red and Remi, below:

By night it was a different story, with six and a half inches of blowing snow and temperatures in the teens.  The horses have access to their stalls and were waiting for me inside, which I took as a strong hint that they didn't care to dine outdoors tonight.

Fortunately, I hadn't planned to write today, because I couldn't if I'd wanted to.  We spent most of the day plowing the 900 feet from the barn to the road, then doing it over again after it drifted over.  We'll probably do it again tomorrow, since it's still blowing hard outside.  But I'll have to write, too.  Mondays are work days.

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