the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hot Book, Warm Water

Today was the Big Day when THIEVES LIKE US hit the bookstores, so I scraped off the barn dirt and the eau de horse, and went down to my local Borders to sign their copies.  They had twice as many copies of this book as the last one, because they said the last one sold out in a few days.  Cool!

And back at the barn, I've made the last step toward winter, plugging in the water heaters.  The horses have a submersible coil in their large water bucket, and the chickens have a heated base for their water can, pictured below.  The little dish next to it is for Zoe, the cat who sleeps with them every night.

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  1. Oh I wish I had known you were signing copies. Carol bought me the last couple but I really cant wait to read this one. Guess I am going to try to get over to Borders and pick it up. So excited!

    Lisa McGeen