the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Friday, November 19, 2010


When I can, I like my posts to reflect what I'm writing.  And this one sure fits!  My hero and heroine are not hiting it off well at all, having prickly conversations filled with verbal barbs.  So today I give you...(drum roll)...barbed wire!

A lot of our property used to be pasture land, most likely for cows or sheep.  The fences were never taken down, so all along the perimeter, mostly overgrown with saplings and shrubs, we still have metal posts with 4-strand barbed wire fencing.  It's vicious stuff, and not any less so now that it's all rusty.  The deer constantly step over, under, and through it, and if they do it at a dead run I can't believe there aren't some accidental entaglements.  I've worked over the years to take down what I can, and most of it is gone now.  This is the last section I worked on, with the wires already cut from the post on one end.
Each strand is about 10 feet long.  I fold them back and forth in one foot lengths and put them in the trash.  Leather gloves are a good idea.  Also a tentanus shot.  (My hero and heroine aren't quite that nasty.)

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