the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trees for the Future

I'd love to live in the woods.  But I also love to own horses, and horses have the unfortunate tendancy to nibble the bark off trees.  Trees don't like that. They die.  So I have horses and broad sweeps of pasture with no trees.

But outside the pasture, I plant as many trees as I can.  This past weekend we added a redbud, a beautiful little tree that came from a local nursery.  I also have my own tree nursery.  A corner of my garden is given over to four two-year-old saplings from one of our crab trees.  And a large flower pot in my back yard became the nursery for four maple trees that sprouted below the big maple in the back yard.  Next spring they'll get transplanted to the tree nursery in the garden.  I probably won't be here to see them grow into big trees.  But someone will.

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