the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Plum Dumplings

This isn't a rural tradition.  In fact, I got it from family members who came here from Austria.  I don't know where it originates, but I've rarely met anyone who has had this FANTASTIC food!  If you like plums, this is plum ambrosia, and you can only make it for a few short weeks in Sept. when prune plums are available.

Make dough:  1 cup flour, 2 small potatoes, boiled and peeled, 1 pat butter, 1 egg, dash salt.  Mix and roll out like a pie crust.  Pit about 15 ripe plums.  Fill with 1/2 tsp sugar.  Cut small pieces of dough to completely wrap plums, sealing tightly.  Place in boiling water until they float.  Spoon out into shallow bowl or pan with bread crumbs on bottom.  Sprinkle generously with sugar and roll in bread crumbs until coated.  Brown in melted butter, adding more bread crumbs and sugar as needed.  Indulge until bloated and supremely satisfied.

If anyone has had these, I'd love to know where your recipe came from. 

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  1. I finally found the prune plums. I made them after work today. The family gives them and A for taste. Presentation a C+. I had some trouble with the dough. It came off a lot of the dumplings when I boiled them. Also I don't think I browned them enough. I will of course make another batch in a day or so. I can't believe you had the recipe all this time. I used to dream about these things.