the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Friday, August 20, 2010

Chickens and Dinosaurs

Let me tell you the one good thing about chickens:  Eggs.  Fresh eggs make the store-bought ones look anemic by comparison.  That said...
We first started keeping chickens when my kids were in 4-H and wanted to show them.  If the phrase "showing chickens" sounds ridiculous to you, let me tell you, I'm right there with you.  No one should have to spend a half hour scrubbing chicken feet with a toothbrush and Palmolive detergent on the chance that a judge might give them a blue ribbon.  So not worth it.

And do the chickens appreciate this pampering?  No, they do not.  I love animals.  I take good care of my chickens.  But honestly, chickens are dirty, mean birds.  They will turn on the weakest among them and drive them away or kill them.  Having your eyes pecked out is not a pretty way to go.  Most have no mothering instinct and couldn't care less about the eggs they lay.

But still, there's those lovely fresh eggs.  Meet my girls:

I have four hens - two leghorns and two Araucanas.  No roosters.  Roosters have long spurs on their legs, and are not afraid to use them.  They live for one thing - sex.  Every 10 or fifteen minutes they are looking for a hen to rape.  5-10 hens per rooster is a good ratio in order to keep the guy from wearing out the hens.  Take it from a romance novelist, this is not the character profile of a hero.

Scientists say the only living descendants of dinosaurs today are birds.  Want proof?  Take a look at the two Araucanas in the picture below and tell me they don't remind you of those raptors in Jurasic Park.


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