the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Pep Talk In Every Drop!

Feeling down?  Need to know someone's in your corner?  Have a cough drop.

But it has to be a Halls cough drop, because they have "A pep talk in every drop!"

Who knew?  I didn't, not until my recent sore throat when I looked down at the wrapper of my Halls tropical fruit flavored drops, and saw, "Buckle down and push forth!"  Huh?  I smoothed out the paper and there was more.  "Nothing you can't handle."  "Don't waste a precious minute."

That's a lot of advice from one cough drop.  So I yanked the two previous wrappers from the waste basket.

"You can do it and you know it."
"Get through it."
"Put your game face on."
"Flex your can-do muscle."
"Let's hear your battle cry."
"Seize the day."

All that advice on one wrapper!  Better than a fortune cookie!  On to the next:
"Be resilient."
"Fire up those engines!"
"Go for it."
"Get back in there champ!"

All right!  I feel so much better!  I may start carrying these things around with me as my own personal trainer/coach.  The Halls advantage.  Watch out world, I'm pumped!

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