the barn in fall

the barn in fall

Thursday, January 19, 2012

UPS Responds . . .

. . . and redeems itself.  Sort of.

Kelly from UPS called mid-morning today in response to yesterday's complaint (previous post.)  Nice girl.  She apologized for the driver not bringing my packages to the door, and said she's getting a lot of these complaints.  Drivers leave packages tied to trees, on the ground, or whatever.  (In trees?  I was lucky.)  She told me she'd put a note in my driver's box, and let him know that I want to be notified personally if he can't deliver a package to my door.

A couple hours later, I got a call.
"This is Jeff.  I'm your UPS driver."
"Yes, hello!"
"I'm at the end of your driveway."
I look out the front window, a view to the road 700 feet away.  Sure enough, there he is, backed in, which is not a positive sign for making it up to my house.
"I have a package for you.  Is it okay to leave it where I did before?"
"Um. . ."  How do I break this to him?
"I'm new on this route, and I'm not used to these roads and driveways." 
He sounds timid and apologetic; damn.  I believe him.  I assure him his truck can handle it, it has many times in the past.  Perhaps he can get used to driving the back roads very soon.  Jeff agrees with that goal.  Still, there's a whole inch of new snow on the driveway today, and Jeff has a big boxy truck and no confidence.
"You can leave it there today.  Thanks for calling me."
We end the call with Jeff reassurred and me resigned.  I am not hopeful - Jeff has my number, and he's not afraid to use it. 

Perhaps UPS should look into hiring a few teenaged boys.  They have no problem bombing around the back roads on anything with an engine.

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  1. Both Jeff and my UPS driver (name unknown) need to pull up their big-boy shorts and learn to navigate our driveways! Mine is only 650 feet, and it's paved.